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Weekend Deals: Great Games for Great Prices

The weekend is finally here and with it a great bunch of fun games for $0.99. We have picked top 5 best games of various genres so there is something for everybody.


[appbox googleplay screenshots android.uniwar]

UniWar is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game where players have to capture all of opponents’ bases. Each capture gives you extra credits that you can invest into additional units like tanks and helicopters. The game is widely popular thanks to its strong focus on strategy and high degree of balance. There is a basically zero grinding or memorization required to fully immerse yourself in this great strategy game.

You can choose to play from 3 different races with each race having up to 8 varied units. Battles happen on thousands of different user-created maps. You can play in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes against AI or your friends. If you have only one Android device it is no problem because UniWar supports a hot seat multiplayer on one device.

While this game may not blow you away in terms of its graphics, it is definitely one of the most entertaining and rewarding strategy games available on Android and iOS.

Deadly Dungeons

[appbox googleplay screenshots DeadlyDungeons.App]

Deadly Dungeons is a old-school looking 3d RPG dungeon crawler for Android operating system. If you have ever played games such as Dungeon Hack, Eye of the Beholder, or Nethack – you will feel right at home.

The objective of this game is simple – fight your way though hordes of enemies in order to escape alive. Deadly Dungeons is not just of old-schood adventurers and hardcore games, but it is also accessible to casual gamers thanks to several difficulty levels.

You can continue playing your character even after you beat the game. Simply start a new game and the dungeon will scale according to your level and abilities. Your experience is always going to be different because all dungeon levels, creatures, and items are randomly generated.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.whitakr.Pivvot]

Pivvot is an addictive game that will truly test your reflexes and skills.

Your goal is to avoid obstacles as you travel down the unpredictable path. Pivvot has great minimalistic design and game play that is easy to grasp but hard to master. As you progress, the challenge gets more difficult and you have to really to try in order to win.

There are seven different game mode including endless, random, and voyage where you travel through increasingly challenging levels of obstacles.

Lightbot – Programming Puzzles

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.lightbot.lightbot]

Lightbot is a great way how to get young kids interested in programming since the game uses mechanics that are also found in programming concepts.

The game has 50 levels during which children learn to understand and use procedures, loops, conditionals, and more. All of this while being engaged in an entertaining game to further accelerate learning.

Lightbot is available in basically any commonly spoken language and comes with a high score of 4.7 stars.

God of Light HD

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.playmous.godoflightHD]

God of Light is another puzzle game, but this time centered around light and various ways it can be reflected. It has a unique and absolutely mesmerizing visual style and highly detailed graphics that will make you come back for more.

You will join Shiny on his way to saving the universe from the impending darkness as you play though a variety of game worlds with dozens of levels and challenging puzzles.

There are 5 different game worlds and total of 125 levels to beat using mirrors, prisms, splitters, collectors, black holes and filters to control rays of light energy.

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