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If you’re planning for a trip across Europe or somewhere in Middle East Asia (or anywhere in the world), there are some places which you shouldn’t miss at all. In fact, it is almost impossible to find some the places without the help of some local guys. That’s where the need of installing these travel apps on your Android smartphone has come.

These travel apps for Android would guide you throughout your trip and let you know the best hotels, deals and most importantly those hidden places which you would have never visited.

In this post we will highlight some of the best travel application that available for download for your android device. Do check it out and share your comment below.




WorldMate is the online community of more than 150 million members who share each and every aspect of places. WorldMate helps you find airline tickets, hotels and car rental travels to make your trip the most awesome experience of your life. Once you book a service, you receive an email of confirmation. All these emails are sorted out and saved safely under Itinerary manager. The flight reminders help you remind about the flights prior to few minutes of departure. The inbuilt mapping system allows you to quickly view the hotels near to you. And if you need directions, you don’t need to switch back to any other app. WorldMate will just do that for you. Apart from flight booking, the app also allows you to book hotels and find rental cars very easily.




TripAdvisor is one of the best Android apps for planning your trip. The app is being run on genuine reviews which are accompanied by beautiful photos. The app also helps you find cheapest air tickets, best hotels and great restaurants. One can easily filter out restaurants on the basis of food type, price range and ratings. When you reach any place, the app will start giving you suggestions on the best placed that you should visit. Also, if you’ve any queries, the forum moderators and members would definitely solve them out. Get the app here.


TripIt Travel Organizer


Like the two apps which I mentioned earlier, TripIt Travel Organizer does exactly the same task. It helps you find direction to the hotels or book your airline tickets without any hassle. TripIt automatically organizes all your data regarding airline booking, hotel booking, restaurant booking and car rental. The trip details are available on your smartphone, tablet and through the website called tripit.com. You can also share your trip plans with your family and friends to let them know about when you’re leaving. The map based search is very useful in finding restaurants as well as business and attractions nearby. You can also post your destinations and updates to Facebook, LinkedIn with the few tips of fingers.




All right! We have had enough about booking tickets, hotels and blah blah! Here is an app which is dedicated to discovering latest travel, entertainment and local deals. You can also purchase these deals directly from your Android device. The definitive list of each week’s top deals is very powerful. Although the deals section is limited to certain countries, you would definitely love to check them out if you’re visiting these countries.

The deals are based on your location which means that it will automatically generate best deals near to your location. Get this app now.

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  1. NotaKembara says:

    TripAdvisor is the best! Hehe. very useful for my backpacking trip so far 🙂

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