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The arrival of Smartphones in the market made the mobile phone concept change, with the touch screens, flat rate 3G, applications, online games etc., but all at the expense of excessive battery consumption. Who has left hanging mobile within 24 hours of use from one battery charge? Gone are 2G phones where the batteries lasted even a week. Smartphone simply reaches at the end of the day with low battery.

The eternal problem that we suffer with Smartphones is the battery consumption. There is no one who can doubt at this point. The use and abuse of our terminals until they release the smoke causes most cases the battery will not last us more than a handful of hours in the day. Now we must live with this circumstance but why not help with specific applications to manage your mobile phone battery and lengthen its duration?

The battery saving apps has many myths, but we have identified a group of them that will lose the thrill of running out of charge. Well today we will offer you a list of the most useful Android apps for your Android mobile to save the battery life.

Here is a list of the best programs that will allow you to extend the life of your battery automatically and manually. There we go :-

1. BatteryTime Lite

BatteryTime Lite

We started with BatteryTime Pro, a program with which you can reduce your battery consumption controlling terminal for the use you make of the screen (because the screen is the element that most energy is spent) and also other elements, such as the multimedia players or GPS.

Google Play: 4.2 / 5.

Download here.

2. Battery Booster

Battery Booster

Booster battery will help you get very detailed information regarding battery consumption of your Smartphone (also compatible with the tablet). On the other hand, it will warn through the applications and connections that perform unnecessary energy expense in your business. In turn, we provide a number of tools that you can configure as you wish to limit the use of your battery.

Google Play: 4.1 / 5.

Download here.

3. One Touch Battery Saver

One Touch Battery Saver

We continue with One Touch Battery Saver. This program is most useful when the battery life is becoming critical. If active then determine the applications and activities that do not need to use and which can be closed to keep your phone on. For that, automatically disable Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, although you can modify as you wish what you want to close in the settings panel.

Google Play: 4.4 / 5.

Download here.

4. 2x Battery – Battery Saver

2x Battery - Battery Saver

This application allows you to automate some processes off easily and quickly. In that sense, you can choose which applications and Internet connections you want to use and you want to close in order to increase the battery life. In short, you can make an intelligent management of network connections, managing the load duration and mobile data.

Google Play: 4.3 / 5.

Download here.

5. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

We should also talk about Titanium Backup, an application that is not intended to save battery master but who succeeds carrying out their duties. This program takes care of freezing functionality for applications that do not use such as some preinstalled by the manufacturer. Yes, you need to be able to run ROOT users.

Google Play: 4.8 / 5.

Download here

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