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One of the current trends, grateful for many, annoying to others, seems to release remakes of memorable games for mobile terminals, usually on iOS first and Android and other platforms later.

We’ve checked with franchises like GTA, Worms, or this game before presenting to you today. Re-Volt Classic, is the new port of a classic arcade driving remote control cars appeared more than a decade in PC, Play station, Dreamcast and N64 among other platforms. Now, after its recent arrival to Android, we tried them.

Re-Volt Classic

Re-Volt Classic, an almost literal translation of the original

Re-Volt was one of the most popular games of the time, especially on PC, thanks to its multi player mode. Over ten years later it returns to our mobile devices who are running Android (and iOS took a while), but it does with some differences.

In Re-Volt Classic features no less than 42 vehicles virtual remote control all types and sizes and 14 tracks different.

The game, in its form of individual game has five modes:

  • Single Race: A quick run no more. Choose driver name, car, track (the latter two options will depend on which we managed or purchased), and to run!
  • Championship: Championship mode will allow us to compete for beating three categories, bronze, silver and gold along the tracks included in the game.
  • Time Trial: The trial so we will try our speed against the clock the game in any track and using any car to which we have access.
  • Practice: Practice mode allows us to freely experience the pleasure of driving and remote control on any track with any car you have unlocked, no time limits, and no opponents.
  • Stunt Arena: The mode that will allow us to limit our cars on a track completely designed to get stars based twirling, jumps and other feats performed at the wheel of any car you have unlocked.

Realistically or arcade?

The game, which has a strong focus on Arcade in its proposal, which gives a fairly demanding difficulty level defined by several points, your virtual controls are very inconvenient.

There are three auto acceleration with two directional buttons (pressing either slows or reverses), directional buttons + button GAS and button Brake / Reverse and two joysticks, control and acceleration respectively. The way you react to all of them is quite random in certain conditions. To retrieve the car off the track (something easy to get) simply shake your device.

Nor are we talking about nefarious control, you can play perfectly, but sometimes it can be very frustrating to make certain turns at full speed. This is when we think that rather than driving arcade, control becomes quite realistic in a way the actual remote control cars are not very accurate specifically when turning at full speed.

As for other options of the game, we sound settings, checking (as already detailed), camera (three types of camera), game settings (number of turns, number of cars on track, units of measure, etc).

We also have, in the main menu of the game, with a score of times Time Trial mode, a table of progress, to see our achievements over Championship modes, and Stunt Arena. We also have a world ranking of times for each track and in-app store where you can unlock all cars for 2.06 euros, or all tracks and how “Clockwork Carnage Race” (butcher) to 1.37 euros each one.

Re-Volt Classic for Android: Conclusions

Re-Volt Classic is an appeal to nostalgia, pure and simple. Catch the essence faithfully to the original as few ports have achieved to date in their conversions to mobile applications, with the original soundtrack “dance” included.

That great asset is perhaps its major drawback. It is too faithful to the original game, while their menus areĀ intuitivenessĀ to use with your fingers, in addition to displaying a somewhat outdated graphic section for these times. That coupled with the complexities of handling cars with touch controls, and the lack of multi player, playing against this title (given the competition today), for many dyes nostalgic it generates.

It is an option to consider among the entire offer, but not a necessary option.

Download Re-Volt from Google play

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