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Our main aim is to help our arrival readers in Android to the wonderful world of Google’s operating system which is not that difficult. There are many who come from Apple. I understand that at first they are bit confused, but in this article you will discover how easy it is to migrate from iPhone to Android.

I will not get into the debate of why switching to Android, what are the advantages and others. Just propose in this article to help users for whatever reason have decided to change the operating system.

Initially, the procedure is usual. Actually this step can be very simple if you use Google accounts or slightly more complicated if we have it all in iCloud. To use an Android smartphone we need a Google account, so to enter it in Settings-> Accounts -> Add account from Google which can also select what we want to synchronize.

There is one more procedure that can be a bit long, but not impossible. Let me explain step by step:



The application we need for this is CardDAV sync. Its use is very simple. Upon opening the first thing we ask is that we introduce the server name. Here we have to “Use SSL” which must be activated. Finally, our user name and password of iCloud is created. Once the process is completed, we will see that how our contacts are synchronized by magic.


Here in this case the application that we will use is SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar. Unlike before, this application is not for free. That depends on you find out if your agenda is so important. The procedure is the same: we just have to enter our data from iCloud.


In our Android smartphone we will meet with the application of Gmail and other e-mail to other accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo or whatever. Already explained on another occasion of Android, how to configure this type of mail. When you open this application it will allow us to configure the outgoing and incoming mail. To do this, enter the username and password of iCloud. Now the differences come in mail inbound and outbound.

For the Starter:

  • IMAP Server: imap.mail.me.com
  • Security type: SSL
  • Port: 993

For Outgoing:

  • SMTP Server: smtp.me.com
  • Security Type: TLS
  • Port: 587

For Music Lovers

To listen to music in iTunes you’ll need to install the application on Google Play Music on your computer, from Google Play. Once done, just import the music. You will have access to it from the same application installed on your Android device. This is an easy way to continue using iTunes if you prefer how to manage music. If, on the other hand your music is in another program, just download the application again.

Photos and videos

Simply connect your iPhone to your computer to copy photos and videos to the computer. Now is the time to move all these files to Android. To do this, connect your Android to system and to this program called Android File Transfer can transfer to any internal folder of Android, DCIM expediently.

If you have a Windows, just use your iPhone like a USB stick, this is where you connect it and you will get a device with the name iPhone. There you will find all photos, copy and paste into the DCIM folder on our Android.

It is noteworthy that for better synchronization of images between devices is always recommended in the cloud service like Dropbox.

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