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You own Android mobile and worried to choose the best apps for your mobile. You can directly download them without any registration of your Android device. Android has a huge open community and number of apps are available in the Google play store, but some apps don’t work properly and degrade your mobile performance.

Here are some of the best free android apps for your mobile. Make sure you check it out below and share your thought in comment section.

1. Seesmic:


This is one of the best available Android app to manage all your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Friendster etc, from one place. This app allows you to share images, videos and post Twitter update and do a lot more. It displays photos in the thumbnail form and just a tap on it will display the full screen view. You can change your account settings from Seesmic itself. This app allows you to set shortcuts on your home screen for the composition area in twitter or in Facebook in make accessing it much easy and in better way.


2. Facebook for Android:

Facebook for Android

This app has many amazing features for experiencing mobile Facebook. It has very good interface to make it much easy to access. This application allows users to send and receive instant messages from the mobile itself. It also gives you instant notification about the update of your friends in your Facebook account. You can upload images, videos, set your status and watch out video and lot more.

The special feature provided in this app is that you can directly upload photos from the mobile home screen itself. It even provides you instant chat with your friends who are logged in. This app is providing a unique feature of group chat. You can add friends to the group and have a closed group chat. The contacts with which you chat most will be listed as your favorite contact in the list and they will be placed in the top of the list.


3. Opera Browser:

Opera Browser

Opera Mobile browser uses only one tenth of the bandwidth compared to other browser. The latest version of Opera allows more RTL text support, more Speed Dial tabs, improved tabbed browsing, and an enhanced user interface. One of the important feature that latest version of opera is it supports open GLES hardware acceleration this will allow and increase the speed of loading the web pages, smoother scrolling of pages and enhance the performance of the browser. Whenever you open a new tab it will have all your favorite websites ready to browse with more speed.


4. Google Maps:

Google Maps

Google Maps is the best free navigator app available. This app provides you turn-by-turn notifications. It provides you aerial view, street view, and even traffic report. It provides maps for two places at a time on user request. It provides several ways to reach from source to destination and it also suggest you to choose the shortest distance.

The latest version of Google maps will work even in off line so that the user need not worry about the areas with no signals, what all you have to do is just download the map of the required place before you start.

Google maps will also obey the voice commands you just need to speak the names of source, destination and you will immediately get the map from source to destination. You can even write on the screen of your smart phone to get the maps details, to get this you need to install Google Now in your mobile.


5. Lookout Mobile Security and Anti Virus:

Lookout Mobile Security and Anti Virus

Lookout Mobile Security and Anti Virus not only protect your mobile from virus and mall ware but also gives you the backup of your contact and remote access of your device. This security protection scans all the apps and files that are already present in mobile and the app that are being installed.

If the file or application contains any virus it will give a notification regarding this. You can even schedule the automatic scanning of device weekly, monthly or some times daily. It will give you the notification of the schedule by a pop up message. The Anti Theft feature in Lookout helps you in tracing your lost or miss-placed mobile. It will locate your mobile using Google maps.

Using Lookout you can access your mobile remotely; you can erase sensitive and important data that is present in your lost mobile. It also provides a feature of locking of the device which is not found.


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