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If you are looking for a good tool to capture your phone conversations, then Incall Recorder is your application. It is strange, that many people search for “call recorder” which is very common in Android Play Store. But the problem is that none has gained popularity.

People never try to know if the app you are downloading works according to your expectations, leaving the download a bit random. We’ll help you to end this type of shock, which often stay in the limbo of our internal memory without helping us back after an initial testing without covering our needs.

Android Incall Recorder

The reasons for wanting to have a Incall recorder on our mobile may be due to various reasons, but no one is responsible for the actions of users of Android, and everything is your responsibility, because in some regions this activity is illegal.

Zakiancel a popular member of the XDA developers’ forum has developed an application whose main function is, as its name indicates, record audio of your calls on our Smartphone Android. The application has an intuitive user interface, logical and simple for users of all levels. In the initial screen, Incall Recorder shows the main functions of the application, to teach you to become familiar with the interface and its possibilities.

You can record the call in several ways. It has an active call, a button on the screen itself by which we can begin to record the conversation, but also have the option of automatic recording, so if you leave this setting turned on, whenever you make or receive a call , this will be recorded by Incall Recorder. During the call will also be notified in the notification bar and if you click on it, the call will also begin capture.

The developer indicates that an hour of conversation will weigh about 7 MB, thanks to the MP3 encoding. So if you’re still looking for the perfect call recorder in your Google Play, stop looking, because Incall Recorder is the most lightweight and suitable to offer the function you’re looking for. It is also available in the Play Store of Google.

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