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Grab your Smartphone in case you are planning your next break or holiday destination, you no longer needed travel agencies. During your planning for your vacation, your android phone could be the great ally to carry guides, maps, public transport planes and much more. Here we present a few applications which help you to organize your trip and enjoy it better. Sit back on the couch and read this article.

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Now you can book flights and hotels, to compare prices with nearby gas stations or know what other customers have said about the restaurant you are about to go from your smartphone. With your iPhone, Samsung mobile device or any other smartphones you have, surely you can organized easy and, for sure, more economically trip with the help of these essential tools.

Here our list of applications that help you prepare for the next trip.

1. Skycanner or Kayak

Skycanner or Kayak


If you start planning your trip by searching for airline tickets, there are several applications that offer the best rates among all air carriers or airlines serving the destination. Skycanner or Kayak are two of the most valued by users, and allow you to easily book flights.

Skycanner Average rating: 4.6

Download Skycanner

Kayak Average rating: 4.5

Download Kayak

2. TouristEye


TouristEye is an application with information on restaurants, museums, entertainment, etc.., regarding a lot of cities. Mostly users are raving about it, not only by the quantity and quality of information it contains, but because you can plan your trip, check on your wish list the places you want to go, and have it available offline even if you’ve disabled data traffic.

Average rating: 4.0


3. Tripadvisor


Trip advisor is an application with a database of hotels, apartments or hostels. It is consist of complete application information, pictures of the rooms and clear indications of their location. It adds a lot of information on things to do and see all those places with valuable opinions from other users.

Average rating: 4.5


4. Rusticae


If you are thinking is a charming hotel , the best you can do is download the application Rusticae, developed for Smartphones where you can see detailed information about this hotel, its location on the map, reservations and if you’re lucky, you get great deals. According to you completing, with a simple click, go to the list of tasks accomplished. – You may have decided to make your journey. Even the application informs you of the price of fuel at the stations closest to your location, says the cheapest and informs the amount.

Average rating: 5.0


5. Yelp


Yelp is a tool that helps you find places to eat, drink or buy near your location, when you arrive at your destination.

Average rating: 4.4


6. Lyngo


In order to communicate, if the city in which you do not speak your language, we recommend Lyngo. It is a very useful translator with voice recognition that returns, in the language that marques, the phrase that previously have spoken into the microphone.

Average rating: 3.8


7. Trip-It


TripIt is a travel organizer which puts all your travel plans on your Android. With TripIt, everything you need to get you where you’re going and back again is at your fingertips—on your smartphone, tablet or online at tripit.com.

Average rating: 4.4


8. CamDictionary


CamDictionary is a portable complement translator. Take a picture of any text, and get real-time translation!

Average rating: 3.9


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