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Top 5 Speed Racing Games with Tilt Controls

We will take a look at 5 great games that are all about speed, high scores, obstacle avoidance, and even more speed. Strap yourselves because we are heading down the neon-lit tunnel.

SpeedX 3D Turbo

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.gamelion.speedx2]

If SpeedX 3D Turbo wasn’t so entertaining, this article would be finished much earlier.

You start the game with a single tap on the screen that propels you forward through a neon-lit tunnel full of obstacles and power-ups. The game has great visuals which help with immersion and coupled with a fun soundtrack make the whole experience really memorable.

You can compete against other players for the top place on global leaderboards, or you can just ignore the score and give yourself a nice break from time to time. SpeedX 3D is exactly the kind of game that you can just fire up whenever you have a minute to kill.

More than 30 million downloads are the best testament to just how entertaining this game can be.

Voxel Rush

[appbox googleplay  screenshots com.hyperbees.RafalWilinski.voxelrush]

When I get tired of playing SpeedX 3D (which doesn’t happen that often), Voxel Rush is the game I go to.

Your goal in Voxel Rush is to race through minimalistic landscapes that are fairly reminiscent of cities with skyscrapers. As you race, you need to pay attention and do your best to avoid obstacles and pick up various bonuses like slow motion, invincibility, etc.

The game rewards you for playing dangerously. You get bonus points for going fast and flying near obstacles. This becomes especially fun when you play in a real-time multiplayer and compete against your friends in challenges or duels.

Voxel Rush fully supports NVIDIA Shield, Android Tv, stereoscopic 3D mode, and screenshot sharing on Google+ and Facebook.

The game is free with in-app purchases and available for everybody running Android 2.3 or higher.


[appbox googleplay  screenshots com.acceleroto.unpossible]

In SpeedX you race through tunnels, in Voxel Rush you race through minimalistic landscapes, and in Unpossible you race on top of obstacle-filled pipes. Sounds crazy? It is.

Your goal is to dodge an endless series of glowing obstacles in a futuristic sci-fi setting. If you manage to survive for more than 60 seconds you unlock harder levels.

There are 3 gameplay levels – simplicity, futile, and ultra. Simplicity is basically an introduction for beginners. You need to last more than 60 seconds to unlock Futile and Ultra where the fun begins.

In addition to these 3 modes, there is also a special cruise mode where you cannot die. Perfect for a nice and quite ride.

Unpossible supports NVIDIA Shield tablet and external controllers for your maximum gaming comfort.

Dead Runner

[appbox googleplay  screenshots com.distdevs.deadrunner]

Dead Runner is a completely different game from all previous ones in terms of its atmosphere.

This time, you race through a spooky looking forest covered in mist and your goal is to avoid trees and run as far as you can.

You will be accompanied by an assortment of chilling sounds and effects.

Boost 2

[appbox googleplay  screenshots com.jonathanlanis.boost2]

Boost is a classic tunnel speed racing game from back in the day. I remember playing this game in high-school on my old laggy iPhone 3G.

Gameplay benefits a lot from its simplicity and art direction. The tunnel you race though resembles a disco floor and controls are precise and responsive – just the way you want them to be.

There is not much in terms of content or gameplay modes, but if you are looking for something very simple that you can fire up and play in no time – this could be the game for you.

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