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The Best Learning Applications on Android to Improve Your Knowledge

Your Android smartphone or tablet can be an excellent platform for learning and gaining new and useful knowledge. We have compiled a long list of learning applications divided into different categories. All you need to do is a pick an approach that suits your personal preferences and start learning.

Brain Games

Do you want to pass some time and give your brain a good exercise at the same time? If your answer is “yes”, then brain games are the obvious choice of entertainment.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.lumoslabs.lumosity]

Luminosity is a personal trainer that helps you exercise your brain by creating a training program personalized for your own individual needs. The software uses the latest neuroscience research as the foundation upon which it’s built.

Brain exercises are a lot like regular ones that you do in your gym. You focus on a specific area of human cognition and make it perform better by repetition and increased task difficulty. This is done by playing simple games that target individual abilities like memory, problem-solving, retention, and more.

Luminosity will automatically remind you when it’s the right time to exercise and it will track your progress for you. You can share your results with friends and family member to see who made the biggest progress. It’s fun, and it works.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.quizup.core]

Do you think that you know a lot of facts and random trivia? Well, why not put it to use and challenge other people to see if your conviction holds true? With more than 1,200 topics and 600,000 questions, QuizUp is the biggest trivia game in the world.

You choose any topic that you find interesting and get instantly paired with an opponent. After that, it just you and your knowledge that can help you get more points and claim the victory. The game is fast-paced, addicting, and easy to get into.

Question & Answer Sites

Humans learn best when they are primed for learning. That means that if you want to know something, it’s much easier to actually remember the information. Question and answer sites are a fantastic tool how to read a well-researched answers to your questions.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.quora.android]

Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. The website was made available to the public in 2010 and it quickly become the most popular place where users can get highly relevant answers to their questions.

The Android application adds an extra layer of convenience on top of what is already a smooth experience. Share your knowledge by helping other users get answers to their questions and don’t miss valuable opportunities to network with people who know what they are talking about.

Stack Overflow

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.stackexchange.marvin]

According to their own description, Stack Overflow is a language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers. In other words, it’s THE place to go when you want a satisfying answer to your coding problems. Even if you don’t have anything to ask yourself, you can still learn a lot by just lurking around and reading what other people commonly struggle with.

The Android app lets you track all your interests in one place, get instant notifications when you receive an answer or comment, search for questions, or browse by tags. All of this for a lovely price of $0.

Yahoo Answers

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.yahoo.mobile.client.android.yahoo]

Yahoo! Answers (formerly known as Yahoo! Q & A) is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) site that launched way back in 2005. It’s a lot less formal than Quora or Stack Overflow with the majority of questions coming from teenagers and unsurprisingly concerning their teenage lives. While others may see this as an issue, we believe that it’s what makes Yahoo Answers so appealing. It’s great to have a place where you can ask about absolutely anything you want without hesitation.


Your parents were right when they told you that you should read more. Both fiction and non-fiction literature and other pieces of writing are the essential sources of knowledge, personal insight, and experience. Our modern smartphones and tablets are perfect for reading everything from plain books to online articles rich with multimedia.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.amazon.kindle]

Kindle is the quintessential reading app for all mobile operating systems. While others have more features, Kindle offers unprecedented polish and ease of use. Readers can choose from over 3.6 million e-books, many of which are available completely for free. Amazon went to great lengths to create a truly amazing reading experience with a built-in dictionary, Google, and Wikipedia reference lookup ability. Learners of English will definitely appreciate the smart definition highlighting for words. Short definitions are showed directly above words to let you read without interruptions.

You can customize your reading experience with all usual options like font type and size, margins, line spacing, background color, screen brightness, and others. Readers are encouraged to try any book they like thanks to the option to return those books that you don’t find interesting.

Moon+ Reader

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.flyersoft.moonreader]

If you would rather avoid putting all your eggs into one basket by committing exclusively to Amazon, you can try Moon+ Reader. It comes with a support for all popular ebook formats including epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip, and OPDS. Unlike Amazon Kindle application for Android, Moon+ Reader is all about customizability. The list of features is seemingly endless with options for  line space, font scale, bold, italic, shadow, justified alignment, alpha colors, fading edge, 15 customized events, 5 auto-scroll modes, dual page mode for landscape screen, backup and restore to popular cloud storage services, and others.

The paid version adds a lot more to this already excellent lineup of features and is highly recommended.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.medium.reader]

Medium is a blog-publishing platform. It was founded by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams in August 2012. The platform software provides a full WYSIWYG user interface when editing online, with various options for formatting provided as the user runs over text. Once an entry is posted, it can be recommended and shared by other people, in a similar manner to Twitter. Posts can be upvoted in a similar manner to Reddit, and content can be assigned a specific theme, in the same way as Tumblr. A specific difference from Williams’ earlier service Blogger is that posts are sorted by topic rather than writer.

The Android application lets you conveniently read, write, and participate on the go. As such, it’s a fantastic way how to read insightful pieces from leading industry professionals and experts.

RSS Readers

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.noinnion.android.greader.reader]

Despite Google’s decision to shut down Google Reader back in 2013, RSS readers are still very much used and just as useful as they ever were. It takes some time to create a personal list of websites to follow, but the pay of is the convenience of always staying up to date on everything that you find interesting and never missing any news.

There is a large selection of good RSS clients on Android. Some of the more popular ones include gReader, feedly, FeedMe, or Press. They each provide slightly different features and you are thus encouraged to try them out and see for yourself. If you are coming directly from Google Reader, then gReader will be the most familiar one of them all.

News and Discussions

The value of knowing what goes on in the world shouldn’t be underestimated. Android is a fantastic platform for news consumption thanks to its notification support and internet access. Social platforms like Reddit provide a fantastic way of easily finding the most important content related to your area of interest.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.andrewshu.android.reddit]

Reddit is an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it essentially an online bulletin board system. Registered users can then vote submissions up or down to organize the posts and determine their position on the site’s pages. Content entries are organized by areas of interest called “subreddits”. The subreddit topics include news, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, food, and photo sharing, among many others.

Some people use Reddit for networking, others as a new source, a place to talk about hobbies or topics of interests, and anything else you could think about. There are several clients for Android, but we are going to take a look at the one called Reddit is fun.

It has a familiar user interface, support for tablet devices, a home screen widget, and a very high score of 4.7 stars. The only real negative is its clunky implementation of subscriptions.

The Guardian

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.guardian]

The Guardian application has been specially crafted for tablets and phones. The app gives you a full access to Guardian’s award-winning content and a fantastic way how to get an up-to-date news on current events. You can choose topics that you find interesting and search by keyword, topic, series, section, or contributor. The premium version lets you enjoy crosswords and specially curated content without any ads.

The Guardian was Founded in 1821 as a local paper replacing the radical Manchester Observer, it was known as The Manchester Guardian until 1959. It’s currently the fifth most widely read newspaper in the world with over 42.6 million readers.

NY Times

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.nytimes.android]

The New York Times (NYT) is an American daily newspaper, founded and continuously published in New York City since September 18, 1851, by the New York Times Company. It has won 117 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization.

The New York Times app for Android delivers breaking news and our award-winning journalism wherever you are. You can use the top navigation to move between popular sections, customize which sections will be in your shortcuts, enjoy visually appealing grid layout for tablets, and articles with rich multimedia content.

An unlimited access to the NYTimes app for Android costs $14.99/month (Smartphone + Web), $19.99/month (Tablet + Web) and $34.99/month (All Digital Access which includes tablet and smartphone apps).


Sometimes we care only about hard facts. In those cases, Wikipedia is the go-to source of information. But there is also a plenty of room for surprising discoveries with Daily Curiosity and other curated applications.


[appbox googleplay screenshots org.wikipedia]

It’s almost hard to imagine that there was a time when we couldn’t access the enormous wealth of information that Wikipedia managed to gather in one place. Sure, there were paper encyclopedias, but those are very limited in their scope and searching takes forever.

The official Wikipedia application gives you access to more than 32 million articles in 280 languages. It features tabbed browsing, link previews, lead images, image galleries, descriptions from Wikidata, article suggestions, saved pages, and GPS-aware recommendation of locationally relevant articles.

The entire application is 100% open source and freely available on GitHub.

Daily Curiosity

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.curiosity.dailycuriosity]

Daily Curiosity is all about delivering new and interesting fact that are hand-picked by skilled editors every single day. That means that when you wake up you have something interesting to read and think about. The app is optimized for smartphones and larger version for tablets is coming soon

Video Lessons

Many people do much better when they are presented with knowledge and information in an engaging video format. These days, it’s possible to learn just about anything by watching online videos. From welding or farming to programming and web development – simply select the right video and learn.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.ted.android]

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading interesting ideas and amazing concepts all around the world. TED was founded in 1984 and began its journey as the annual conference series in 1990. TED’s topic include technology and design, culture, academia, science, and arts.

TED’s official Android app is a great way how to broaden your horizons and learn new and interesting things. It features the entire TED Talks video library, bookmarks, the ability to download videos for later, sharing, and instant notifications for new talks.

Everything is available completely for free, which means there is really no reason not to give it a try.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.udemy.android]

Udemy.com is the leading platform or marketplace for online learning. It serves as a platform that allows instructors to build online courses on topics of their choosing. Using Udemy’s course development tools they can upload video, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to create courses. Instructors can also engage and interact with users via online discussion boards.

The Android application gives you access to over 32,000 online courses and tutorials. Courses are offered in more than 80 languages and range from free and short tutorials, to complete master courses. Everything from programming and IT to business, marketing, office, design, music, or languages is there.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.google.android.youtube]

There is probably no need to introduce the largest video-sharing website in the world. We use it daily for entertainment, news updates, music videos, and many other things. YouTube can also be a fantastic tool for learning just about anything. Many enthusiastic users provide with valuable educational content and the ability to ask questions in comments makes it truly fantastic.

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