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The Best Hacking Games on Android

In this article, we have chosen the best hacker themed games available for Android operating system. From a full-sized story driven experience to simple minigame, there is something for everybody.


[appbox googleplay screenshots uk.co.introversion.uplink]

Uplink is a video game that was originally released in 2001 by the British software company Introversion Software on Windows and Linux.

In this game, you play as a hacker who starts working for the Uplink Corporation. This corporation employs aspiring hackers and provides them with every tool and piece of equipment they could possibly want. You start as a low-level script kiddie who has to work his way up. Your primary job will be to hack servers of global corporations for a nice profit which you can use to upgrade your hardware and software. This in turn lets you take on more challenging jobs and earn an even bigger profits.

Besides freelance hacking, there is also a story centering around computer virus that could destroy the internet and counter virus which could save the cyberspace. It is up to you – the player – to choose which side you will take and how much involved in the story you are going to get. There is a nice possibility to completely ignore the whole story, focus on freelance work and just let it all unfold in the background. This gives the game great feeling of immersion.

Uplink is available on Android in a newly remastered edition optimized for mobile devices and touch interface. The conversion from mouse and keyboard is superb and when playing this game on the tablet you get the feeling that this is how it was meant to be played from the beginning. The game doesn’t require any knowledge of coding or deep internal workings of computers.

It has an excellent score of 4.6 stars and you will be pleased to know that the game is just 43 MB in size and requires only Android 2.2 or higher.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.hackedapp]

Hacked is a game for people who enjoy coding or just a good challenge in general. It has three distinctly different modes.

The first one is called puzzles. Here, you take the role of a hacker who needs to solve code problems to save the world. You solve problems by completing a variety of tasks of increasing difficulty.

You first task is to code a simple program that adds 1 to any input value. To do this, you use an abstract representation of how things would look like in real programming language. The syntax is heavily simplified to play well on touchscreen devices, but the core logic is all in there.

Two other game modes are called robot and games. In the first one your goal is to code the AI of a robot and in the game mode you can create your own game, publish it, and play other hackers’ games.

If you are up for some challenge give Hacked a try. It is more of a puzzle game than Uplink but because of its challenge it can be quite fun.

Hack RUN

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.i273.hackrun]

Hack RUN lets you experience the feeling of letting go of our modern user interfaces and using just old school command prompt that you may know from Linux or DOS.

The whole game takes place in this text-only environment and you have to use commands to navigate and advance through your adventure. On your journey, you will hack into the heart of a mysterious organization to uncover their secrets and learn about the people who work there. You will have to do some detective work and read through files and email to find clues which will give you access to more accounts.

Almost every successful thing that you do in this game can contribute to your advancement and increased your skill level.

Hack RUN costs ‎$2.99 and can be run on any Android device with Android 2.3.3 or higher.

Hack Run ZERO

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.i273.hackrunzero]

If you have found Hack RUN to be entertaining, you will be pleased to know that you can have some more of the same fun. Hack Run ZERO is a prequel to Hack RUN that will once again test your skills and abilities in a series of challenges.

This time there is over 70 levels and a built-in help system to give you some help along your way.

Your adventure begins when you receive a disturbing ransom note about a loved one. Your only way to set them free is to follow the kidnapper’s shady demands. Once again your mission is to penetrate the maze of computer accounts through the use of your hacking skills.

Just like Hack RUN, Hack Run ZENO also costs ‎$2.99 and can be run on any Android device with Android 2.3.3 or higher. 

Hacker Terminal

[appbox googleplay screenshots rgt.terminalhacker]

You are probably familiar with the well-known RPG series called Fallout. In the first two games, hacking terminals was done entirely via Science skill with no other interactivity. This changed since Fallout 3 where you could additionally choose to hack a terminal manually. The basic premise is that the player is presented with a list of words mingled with random characters. One of many words available is the correct one and your goal is to guess which one. You have a limited number of attempts, but you are notified each time the word you have chosen contains a correct letter.

Hacker Terminal is a recreation of this mini-game on Android. Both the gameplay and the visual side of things are 100% faithful to the original which makes the game a great practice for the in-game hacking.

As you improve your rating ou can publish it in the online scoreboard to earn some bragging rights.

You will need to have an Android 2.3.3 or higher to play this free game.

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