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SanDisk: Pocket Cloud Server for your Smartphone

Current smartphones require increasingly larger storage capacity otherwise users are not able to fully take advantage of all their functionality like 4K videos, high-res pictures, or playing large games that often exceed 1 GB. To help you with this problem, SanDisk introduced SanDisk Connect.

If you are limited by the lack of internal storage space in your phone or tablet, maybe you should consider giving SanDisk Connect a try.

At its core, it functions exactly like any other flash drive does. You can hook it up to your computer or tablet via OTG cable and copy data to and from it. But this flash drive takes it a step forward with an integrated WiFi module.

To connect it with your Android device, you have to download SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive app from Play Store which will let you wirelessly access your movies, photos, music and documents stored on the Wireless Flash Drive from your mobile device. You can download and upload files from the drive to the mobile device for local access, stream your media directly from the drive, slideshow photos, and even auto-play all audio files in a given directory.


SanDisk Connect has an integrated battery which is recharged every time you connect the device to a USB port. The battery should be able to last about 4.5 hours when streaming a 1080p video.

There are three sizes available: 16GB version for 30 USD, 32 GB version for 40 USD and 128 GB version for 100 USD.

The price could definitely be lower since you can buy a lot of storage space for that amount of money, but on the other hand, no other WiFi enabled disk comes in such a small form factor.



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