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Top Tips To Buy & Use Mobile Booster

The popularity and necessity of mobile boosters are increasing as people and offices are moving to rural areas where signal coverage is not strong enough. If you are also experiencing problems with network coverage on your android or any other mobile system, your problem will be solved with this useful device. Mobile signal boosters provide amplified signal for cell phone network or for 3g internet connectivity or both. Since you can find many varieties of repeaters available at MyAmplifiers store, but you should understand how to choose and buy the repeater perfect for your needs. Below here are few tips to help you choose the best booster and also to maximize the benefits you can obtain using this equipment.


Tips To Buy

  • Network
    The choice of your repeater should depend on what you expect to achieve with it – uninterrupted calls or fast data or both. In 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks cellular signals are transferred at different frequency bands. So, for perfect connections for voice choose 2G or GSM booster. If you suffer from poor 3G or 4G network coverage, pick up 3G or 4G amplifier correspondingly.
  • Mobile Carrier
    When you buy a cell phone repeater, be sure that you choose the one which works with the frequency your mobile carrier uses. Networks in countries all over the world work at different frequencies. If the frequency bands supported by the repeater are not compatible with the frequency bands of your mobile or internet network carrier, it will not work as it is expected.
  • Coverage area
    Booster also differ in power and, accordingly, coverage area. If you want many mobile phones to benefit inside a large building like a big office or business center you should consider buying a repeater with large coverage like 1000 or 5000 m2 or even a few booster for each floor. If you lack good signal in a small house or flat, you can take less powerful one, it will also be smaller in dimensions.
  • Full Kit
    When you buy a repeater, be sure that the box includes all the accessories that are essential to assemble the device and get it working. Coaxial cables and antennas (if it is not internal) should always be included in the box. Also check that the length of the cable is enough for your requirements. Directional antennas are known to work more efficiently and provide better power and performance.

Tips To Use

  • When you use the repeater, you still might face some interference in your phone communication. If this is the case, you should use a GSM repeater that uses digital processors to filter out the noise and interference.
  • The antenna should be placed ideally at a place where the signal reception is the best in your area.
  • When you are using directional antennas, make sure that the antenna is turned to the direction of the broadcast tower of your network carrier.
  • When you connect the device with cables, you have to remember that cables are also sources for signal loss. Use only those ones which go in the kit with the model and not longer.

Android always gives such a great number of opportunities in the mobile network. Don’t lose them all because of poor connections. Choose best mobile booster for you and enjoy cell phone communication.

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