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Lilo: Grow Fresh Herbs with Ease

Growing your own herbs is lately becoming a huge hit and it understandable why. It can be cheaper, healthier, better tasting and above all great looking way how to take your cooking to the next level. But keeping your plants healthy and good looking can sometimes be a little tricky. That is a group of French herb enthusiasts developed a new type of flower pot called Lilo. Not only it makes the whole growing process a breeze but it is also connected to your smartphone or tablet. 

This project started on Kickstarted with its creators asking for 50 000 euros. They got more than 3 times that amount. An important part of their success was offering two version – one with smartphone capabilities on one without them.

Lilo managed to make the whole growing process easier by putting your herbs into pre-packaged containers with everything the plant might need during its grow period. The pot itself is 5 cm tall and the plant is actually floating on water inside the pot. All you have to do is refill the water. Depending on the plant, this can range from one to three weeks.


Herb from one Lilo capsule is going to keep growing for several months before it reaches its maximum size. You can then transfer the plant to a bigger flower pot and take care of it the old fashion way or you can cook something really amazing and mercilessly devour the whole plant. The capsule is bio-degradable so you can just put it directly into a new soil and it will fall apart on its own and make a room for new roots.

Right now, you can choose between green and purple basil, mint, thyme, coriander and parsley, oregano, rosemary, chives, lemon verbena, dill, and many others. And coming soon are cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, poppies, and carnations.


Lilo platform is made out of wood and ceramic. They are sold in packs of three and the package also include LED lighting system that will let you place your place everywhere your heart desires without having to worry about whether your plants will have too much or too little light. Lilo Smart can automatically adjust the light intensity depending on what time of a day it is and also according to a type of a plant that is growing under the light. It knows in which growing phase the plant is and how much light it needs. This assures the most optimal grow and healthiest plants possible.

The application that comes with Lilo Smart can also alert you if you need to refill water or it can warn you if it thinks that there is something wrong with your plant. In that case, the application will describe the problem to you and give you a guide on how to correct the issue.


The final price of Lilo is currently not known. Kickstarter backers got the standard version for 49 euros and the Smart version for 129 euros. In both cases, the price includes three capsules with herbs. Additional herbs cost 6 euros each or 55 euros for a pack with dozen herbs. The Smart application is compatible with Android operating system and iOS devices. Kickstarter backers should receive their version in December of this year and regular version should be available in April 2016.

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