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Better Notifications for Your Android Device with Mi Band Notify

Mi Band Notify is an excellent way how to get the most out of your Xiaomi Mi Band and greatly improve the way in which notifications are handled on Android.

Mi Band from Xiaomi is a very popular smart bracelet that uses vibrations and color-changing LEDs to notify you about different events. Xiaomi markets this bracelet mainly for fitness enthusiasts with its ability to monitor your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burned. The bracelet also helps you get better sleep by utilizing collected data about your deep and light sleep cycles.

The bracelet has a 30-day battery life, IP67 water-resistance certification and is available in many different colours so that everybody can choose according to individual taste.

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The only problem with Mi Band is that Xiaomi does not provide a truly versatile software that would enable you to use your bracelet to its fullest potential.

That is where Italian developers called MC Group step in.

MI Band Notify

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.mc.miband]

MI Band Notify lets you tweak notifications to your liking. You can set specific LED color and vibration intensity for each app or individual person.

In addition to extensive notification support, the app also lets you set the wake me up feature with your custom vibration pattern to wake you up in the morning. The handy anti-loss feature ensures that your phone never gets far away from you without you knowing about it before it can be too late.

There are currently two different versions on Play Store – Mi Band Notify V2 and MI Band Notify PRO. PRO app and V2 have the same features, the only difference is in-app purchase instead paid app mode. New users are advised to install V2, but those who already own the PRO version can upgrade to V2 version for free.

And what is it that you can do after you purchase the PRO version?

  • your can choose time interval to be reminded of unread notification until you read it or optionally reach the maximum number of reminders
  • set vibration pattern and maximum number of vibrations repetitions
  • optionally, set a time interval from hour to the hour to be reminded of unread notification
  • optionally, set inclusive or exclusive content filter on text notification to notify only important’
  • TASKER support
  • CALL contacts customization
  • WAKE ME UP feature
  • ANTI-LOSS phone feature

Mi Band Tools – another great alternative to Mi Fit and MI Band Nofity

[appbox googleplay screenshots cz.zdenekhorak.mibandtools]

Mi Band Tools from Czech developer Zdeněk Horák is a great alternative to the previously described app which lets you do just about everything you could possibly do with your Mi Band smart bracelet.

You can fully customize application, alarm, and incoming call notifications. Set repeating notification (for example, hourly chimes, change workout reminder, take pill reminders and more), put the built-in power nap feature to a good use, or activate notification when you are out of reach of your phone.

The app has support for Tasker, Automagic, and Locale. You can export and import your settings to the cloud and much more.

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