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Best Space Games for Android

Space hides endless possibilities and adventures to be experienced. Android game developers created many entertaining space-themed games and we are here to recommend you top 5 very best that you can find on Play Store.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

[appbox googleplay screenshots net.fishlabs.gof2hdallandroid2012]

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a continuation of a classic series of space games developed by Fishlabs that you may remember playing even on old java phones.

The plot of the game takes place in a fictional galaxy that is ruled by four major factions who fight for power. You can enjoy a great freedom and decide the on the way in which you are going to involve yourself in the story. This sandbox approach to gameplay lets you immerse yourself in the world and create your own adventure.

Galaxy of Fire 2 takes place in a vast galaxy with over 30 different star system and more than 100 planets and space stations. You can pilot a huge number of spaceships which can be equipped with different weapons, power-ups, and commodities. The visuals look simply stunning a whole space in rendered in great detail.

Not many games can take pride in having an orchestral soundtrack, but Galaxy on Fire 2 can and it, indeed, sound gorgeous.

If you are intrigued by a vast and mysterious space and endless adventures it hides, then Galaxy on Fire 2 is a must have for you.

Battlestation: Harbinger

[appbox googleplay screenshots fi.bugbyte.harbinger]

Battlestation: Harbinger is a real-time space strategy game where you take command of a fleet of ships in order to take upon and epic space adventure and take part in many dangerous battles.

You can explore a galaxy full of interesting event and complete missions that will help you discover new technologies that will help humanity in its fight among other alien races.

The game style and gameplay are strongly reminiscent of a very popular game called FTL: Faster Than Light. If you are familiar with that game and you are longing for more of the same, than Battlestation: Harbinger will surely deliver.

Star Command

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.starcommand.scgame]


Star Command is an intergalactic space adventure that will let you build your own ship and recruit a crew that will fly under your command to the farthest stars and kick some serious ass in many battles both in space and also on the deck of different spaceships.

Star Command has a great looking and highly detailed pixelated graphic style and gameplay that is so engrossing that you will lose track of time.

Out There: Ω Edition

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.miclos.google.games.outthere]


Out There is an Android and iOS game developed by Mi-Clos Studio that  centers around exploration and resource management.

You start with some basic supplies and have to mine planets for more resources to continue progressing through the game. Along your way, you will encounter many different alien species, various artifacts, and other surprises.

Every game is completely different thanks to procedurally generated content and epic main storyline with 4 different endings.

Simple Rockets

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.jundroo.simplerockets]


To put it simply, Simple Rocket is a Kerbal Space Program for Android.

You can design and build any rocket you want and blast off into space to see have well your design functions in practice. Realistic orbits are a great way how to teach young kids the basics of orbital mechanics.

When you manage to land of a planet, you can then go behind a wheel of your lunar vehicle and explore the planet surface. The game even include a modding support and ability to upload and share your rocket design. Simple Rockets has a lot to offer for everyone.

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