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Best Custom Android Lollipop Roms

We have selected top 3 best custom Android Lollipop ROMs that are available today. Our selection reflects a project maturity, extra features, general popularity, and also our own personal experience as Android power-users.

CyanogenMod CM12

cyanogenmod 12

CyanogenMod is a custom open-source ROM for Android smartphones and tablets first released in 2009. It offers its users many advanced and custom features that are not present in stock ROMs while preserving the stock look and feel of Android.

Vanilla Android operating system also known as AOSP (Android Open Source Project) releases just one or two times per year. CyanogenMod community functions on a rolling-release schedule with volunteers from all over the world contributing to this project.

Features and improvements of CyanogenMod could be put into roughly three different categories. These include popular visual enhancements, toggles in the notification pull-down, and theming support. The second one concerns extra features like FLAC audio codec support, OpenVPN client, universal support for tethering, etc. The last category includes all performance enhancements and tweaks that make even slightly older devices feel much snappier than with stock ROM. The most important of these is CPU overclocking which allows you to get the most out of your device.

CyanogenMod claims that they have more than 50 million users all around the world running their custom firmware. It is by far the most popular and well-known custom ROM for Android and the one that we recommend first before venturing out and tinkering with any other custom ROM out there.

If you visit CyanogenMod’s official website you can download the correct ROM for you device and read a lot of useful information on their Wiki page.

Paranoid Android

paranoid android

Paranoid Android is another popular custom ROM for Android operating system that aims at extending the core system functionality while simultaneously preserving the look and feel of the stock system.

It introduces several interesting and incredibly useful features that are not found elsewhere. These include hover notifications that prevent you from being distracted from your main activity. You no longer have to slide down the notification pull down drawer. Incoming notifications are displayed as they arrive in a small box on the top of your screen. You can easily dismiss them and continue with your work.

To even further improve the usability of Android operating system, Paranoid Android lets you enter into the immersive mode where you can hide the system bars to give your apps more real estate. The immersive mode also benefits from active Pie navigation bar which work with simple swipes and saves valuable screen space.

It is also worth mentioning that Paranoid Android uses a theme engine by CyanogenMod so you can pick from the wide selection of themes available on Play Store. Go to Paranoid Android’s official website and download the right ROM for your device.

SlimROM – SlimLP


SlimLP is a very young addition among custom Android ROMs but there is already an enthusiastic community established around it.

It has several unique features that are not found elsewhere. You can quickly invert the whole ROM including Gapps to make them use a dark theme. If you write with your left hand you will appreciate that you can finally change the recents screen location to a left side and also mark your favourite apps so that they are always right under your fingertip.

The popular Pie navigation from CyanogenMod and Paranoid Android is also present in SlimLP. This time with some additional tweaks that let you set different colours and use it for app shortcuts.

This young ROM is very promising and you can go to the official website to check you the full list of features and download it to try it for yourself.

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