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Best Android Battery Drain and Usage Diagnostic Apps

Battery life is by far the biggest weak point in modern smartphones. Users constantly report a considerable dissatisfaction with the fact that their brand-new high-end devices are not able to last even a single day. That is why we have selected the best battery drain and usage monitoring apps for Android. You will be able to easily diagnose the problem and extended your battery life.

Better Battery Stats

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.asksven.betterbatterystats]

Better Battery Stats is the most popular battery drain diagnostic tool available on Play Store.

This great tool allows you to spot drainers based on detailed information about the root cause, measure the effect of actions to reduce drain, following a simple method, detect changes in the awake/sleep profile and quickly find the causes. To put it simply, with Better Battery Stats you will easily be able to get the most out of your smartphone or tablet.

The only thing to consider is that due to major changes by Google in Kitkat, root access is required from 4.4 and upward.

Wakelock Detector [Root]

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.uzumapps.wakelockdetector]

Wakelock Detector is designed to help you identify wakelock holding apps that may keep your phone is an active state, preventing it from entering more power saving modes and thus draining your battery.

This apps shows both partial and full wakelock states, conveniently merges wakelocks of a corresponding app into one expandable view for better user experience, and allows easy sorting option by running state, wakelock time, and alphabetical order.

Just like with Better Battery Stats, you need to have root permissions in order to use this app on Android KitKat and higher.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.eolwral.osmonitor]

OSMonitor is a comprehensive tool for monitoring many different aspects of your Android device, including battery usage statistics.

It offers information about active processes, connections, battery, network interfaces, file system, and even lets you search dmesg or logcat messages in real-time.

The project is open source and supported by a very generous and active community involvement. There is also OS Monitor (Legacy) for devices that are still running Android version 1.5 to 2.2. OS Monitor is free to use without any in-app purchases and is definitely recommended to all users who want to have a better overview of what is going on inside their device.

GSam Battery Monitor

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.gsamlabs.bbm]

GSam Battery Monitor is another very popular battery and drain monitor available for Android operating system.

It has a very good user interface with all useful information conveniently displayed together. You can easily get a good info about remaining battery time, battery usage, and even average battery and screen on time per complete charge.

GSam Battery Monitor can also help you hunt down battery draining applications, display wakelock details, add a widget to your home screen showing the battery status and time remaining, and much more.

There is also a PRO version available that is especially useful to tablet owners because it brings an optimized views for tablets and other large-screen devices.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.ijinshan.kbatterydoctor_en]

Despite Battery Doctor by Cheetah Mobile Inc. being the most downloaded app on the Play Store, we have decided to put it at the bottom of our list after all other applications.

We have several reasons why we have decided to do this. The first is that apps by Cheetah Mobile are notorious for being quite resource-heavy themselves, running in the background and pushing all kinds of notifications to your device. Another is that the app uses only a superficial means to extend your battery life like killing background processes and encouraging you to disable various things like Bluetooth, WiFi, data, etc. The app itself is not open source which may be an issue with some people.

But despite all of this, Battery Doctor has still a plenty to offer. The task killer work fine, the app accurately displays remaining battery and charging time, you can schedule power saving mode for work/class/sleep, and it even gives you an useful charging tips. And there is definitely no denying that the app looks pretty good.

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